Nina Groth is now showing her exhibition “Perspectives” in the coachingakademie in Hamburg. This is where the artist’s work and the coaching segment come together in a profitable way. Nina Groth’s art encourages people to find and go their own way. “I am convinced that inner freedom is important, regardless of whether it is about individual development or change. Perspectives and horizons play a major role in my lively landscape paintings. It’s about distance, possibilities and structure. It’s about perceiving details and thus clearing your head, expanding your intellectual scope and finally daring to do something new,” says the artist.

Coaching in a feel-good atmosphere

The coachingakademie supports people with a broad portfolio of systemic tools to develop exactly the skills they need to solve problems and tackle challenges. It has been offering systemic advice and further training at its Hamburg and Düsseldorf locations since 2004. The rooms of the academy – elbblick86 – impress with their exclusive location directly on the Elbe. Feel-good atmosphere with a wide view over the water and the port of Hamburg. Perfect for coaching.

Nina Groth’s artworks add an artistic dimension to the real view of the Elbe

In the future, the open and modern conference and meeting rooms of the coachingakademie will not only be adorned with the view of the Elbe itself, but also with Nina Groth’s cityscapes and harbour motives. They complement the real view from the windows on the 6th floor and from the roof terrace of the Hamburg skyline, the fish market and the harbour with an artistic dimension and thus enable expanded perspectives. An enrichment not only for coaching.

Above all, works that play with the theme of paths can be seen. Nina Groth’s cityscapes draw the eye into the depths between the street canyons and create the feeling of going on a journey of discovery in the vastness of the city. There are many details to discover in the landscapes, because like every path, every decision, the new, the change or self-realization begins with discoveries, previously unused scope, small steps and first thoughts. Other artworks refer directly to Hamburg and show the city as inspiring, lively and open.

Exhibition on view until the end of March 2023

The exhibition will be open to customers and visitors of the coachingakademie as well as tenants of the elbblick86 premises until the end of March 2023.

Exhibition "Perspectives" in the coachingakademie
View from the window at the coachingakademie in Hamburg
Exhibition "Perspectives" in the coachingakademie
Exhibition "Perspectives" in the coachingakademie