Artist Statement

In search of freedom: impartial, courageous, curious

Inner freedom is the key to a self-designed life and thus to more life satisfaction and fulfillment. In everyday life, the inner freedom between obligations, pressure and constraints is often lost. We work. But are we using our options to choose? Do we actively influence our creative freedom and increase it in order to live self-determinedly and develop?

My art wants to free our thoughts and overcome barriers. Discovering structures, lines and details it offers moments of deceleration. My landscapes are like a short trip that clears the mind. They are limitless, open and alive. My work inspires us to question our own limits and to become aware of our own freedom of choice and strength. Only we ourselves can give ourselves inner freedom. My art invites you to be impartial, courageous and curious, even in everyday life. It says: Follow your personal path.

In my paintings, city and nature combine harmoniously to create places full of power and mystery. One’s own self-development brings individual life satisfaction for the individual. This leads to a more harmonious coexistence of all. Such cooperation can release enormous potential. More energy is available without conflicts caused by dissatisfaction. We as a society can use this power positively for peace, understanding and justice. I wish for this.

Artist Nina Groth in Hamburg

My vision: A world in which everyone can shape his or her own life and develop freely. For individual fulfillment and harmonious coexistence.


Artist Nina Groth with a work of art


Through life upheaval to international success as an artist

Nina Groth is a visual artist from Germany who exhibits nationally and internationally. Her paintings have been shown in Hamburg, Barcelona and in the heart of New York City, among other places. Nina Groth has already won a regional audience award and awards at international art competitions.

Born in Göttingen, she grew up on the Baltic Sea coast in Lübeck and has often gone her own way. She lived in Australia and India. As a result of these stays abroad, she began designing jewelry in 2007. This is how she finds her creative vocation. Stimulated by a trip to Barcelona in 2015, the artist searched for previously unexplored ways of expressing her impressions and emotions in a new phase of life. She started to paint. In 2017, Nina Groth experienced her personal epiphany during a blind painting experiment. Since then, the focus of her work has been on the depiction of landscapes.

Nina Groth was born in 1976 and lives in Hamburg.