Available Artworks

The art series “Clarity” plays with the recognizable and the hidden. The series explores the contrast between knowledge and ignorance, clarity and ambiguity, emphasizing the precious moment of realization. Buildings partially emerge, as if they want to offer viewers a fleeting glimpse. At the same time, they are concealed by layers of color and textures that hold puzzles and secrets. The image is created layer by layer. In this way, the artist addresses a process of gaining knowledge. Nina Groth’s paintings revolve around the beauty of growth and personal development. The “Clarity” series reminds us that clarity is not just an external state, but also encompasses a journey of self-reflection. It prompts us to ask ourselves: Who are we really? What is important to us in life? What goals do we still want to achieve? By combining visual aesthetics and profound themes, the series creates a transformative experience that celebrates the moment of recognition.