Here you can find out how you can have a commissioned work made. This is how you get your own individual work of art in Nina Groth’s Modern Urban Geometrics style. Read here how the artist works for you.

You get something unique

When I paint for you, you get your very personal and special unique piece. You help determine the process and therefore have full control. We agree on all important criteria. I am happy to give you recommendations and support.

My special offer for you

Do you love the extraordinary and individual? On request, I can incorporate desired words, logos and entire messages into commissioned work. They can be visible or they can be hidden so only you know about them. Every time you walk past your painting, it then reminds you of your very personal message.

The first contact for your commissioned work

Are you interested in commissioned work? Then just send me a non-binding message or give me a call. We will then make an appointment for an initial conversation by phone or video call. I’m curious about your wishes and ideas. Contact me here.

A work of art according to your wishes

I want to make you really happy with your personal unique piece. It should be a painting that accompanies you for a long time. It is therefore important that we talk about various points together. During our conversation we clarify, for example, the following questions about your commissioned work:

  • What format and size should the artwork have?
  • Do you already have a concrete idea for a motif? For example, have you seen a motif on my website that has already been sold and now you would like to have a similar painting? Or would you like to have the skyline of your favorite place painted?
  • In which room should the work hang and how is it set up?
  • Do you have any colour preferences?
  • Which mood should be expressed? Should it be rather quiet or lively?

How is this continuing?

After our conversation I start with the preparations for your artwork. Depending on what you want, I can also take care of the procurement of materials that are to be incorporated, such as a specific map or sea chart. As security for you and me, you pay 50 percent of the purchase price at the start of the process.

While I’m working on the painting, I’ll send you photos of intermediate results. So you can see your artwork grow. Usually, along with the update, I ask one or two specific questions that are important for the further development of the artwork. This way you can have a say and intervene if you have any wishes. This is how we move forward in a goal-oriented manner. There are usually three to four update rounds.

When will the work be finished?

Your commissioned work is usually finished after four weeks.

How does the work get to you?

When the work is finished, you pick it up at my studio or I prepare your unique piece for shipping. When shipping, I send the work with a parcel, courier or freight forwarding service, depending on the size of the work of art and how it needs to be packed due to its size. Of course, I will inform you about possible shipping costs at the start of the process. In addition to your work of art, you will receive a certificate of authenticity for your painting if you wish.

You can already look forward to your personal cityscape, harbour motif or seascape, which will remind you to go your own way and to enjoy designing every day.

Commissioned work on the subject of Hamburg and Dortmund
Commissioned work on the subject of Hamburg
Artwork "Ruegen Island" by artist Nina Groth
Commissioned work on the subject of Ruegen island and the Darß