Nina Groth’s new art series “Clarity” showcases abstract cityscapes. The series plays with the recognizable and the hidden. It explores the contrast between knowledge and ignorance, clarity and obscurity, and emphasizes the precious moment of realization.

Take the leap and let go

Creating an artwork is like living life in fast forward. I always approach it with a plan. I plan an art series, I plan each individual artwork. In advance, I research, sketch, and take photographs on-site in the city I want to paint. I begin with a concept – and with clarity. I consider colour combinations, compositions, and even create colour sketches. In this video, you can see how one of my artworks comes to life.

But if there’s one thing I’ve learned from the creative process, it’s that things always turn out differently than expected. And that’s a good thing. It happens within the process itself: those little unforeseen events, surprises, and confusions. The uncertainties. Each painting holds the opportunity for me to grow and learn something new. When I allow it, when I let go of the plan, when I embrace the uncertainty and ambiguity, then – and only then – something truly new and fascinating emerges. A unique style, a distinct colour palette, a surprising interplay of forms. Small wonders on the canvas. Insights that enrich me. When a piece is finished, I’ve always ascended another level and gained a new certainty. This can be applied to life, to many personal and professional situations.

When we open ourselves up, shed beliefs and fears like outgrown skins, new and surprising realizations and growth emerge. From these thoughts, I developed the series “Clarity.”

Abstract cityscapes: “Clarity” celebrates the process of growth

Buildings partially emerge, somewhat recognizable, as if they want to grant viewers a fleeting glimpse. At the same time, they are concealed by layers of colour and textures, holding puzzles and secrets. Layer by layer, the abstract cityscapes come to life. In this way, I explore a process-oriented gain of understanding. The paintings in “Clarity” speak of the beauty of growth and personal development.

The series reminds us that clarity is not just an external state but also encompasses a journey of self-reflection. It prompts us to ask ourselves: Who are we truly? What truly matters to us in life? What goals do we still want to achieve? What have we already accomplished? Clarity also includes certainty about our current status quo and the question of whether our present life truly aligns with our individual needs.

With “Clarity,” I invite you to explore abstract cityscapes beyond the surface and reflect on your own thoughts, emotions, and insights. Are you interested in joining me on this journey?

By combining visual aesthetics and profound themes, the series creates a transformative experience that celebrates the moment of recognition.

Explore the series here: discover now.

Artwork "Free Flow" by Nina Groth
Artwork "The Radiance Within You" by Nina Groth in the interior
Artwork "Beyond the Facade" by Nina Groth