Do you know that special feeling of freedom at the beach? Is the sea your second home – or even your first one? Does an incomparable life energy flow through you when you are at the sea? Do you often dream in Atlantic gray or Pacific green? Then you feel a bit like Nina Groth.

The vastness of the sea is just as close to the Hamburg artist as her hometown. The energizing artworks of the “Water Flow” series pay homage to the rough sea, the coast and the wind. They show Nina Groth’s connection to northern Germany and the water itself. As a child of the coast who grew up in the Hanseatic city of Lübeck on the Baltic Sea, Nina Groth has always associated a deep feeling of freedom with the wet element.

The inspiring power of water

“I see myself standing on Coroong Beach in South Australia, a beach covered with pink shells. I look into the distance and in front of me is the incredible expanse of the beach. I only hear the sound of the crashing surf. I walk and walk and enjoy the energy, feel the liberating and cleansing power of the water. In that moment I knew that anything is possible. There are many ways. I wish that everyone finds the one who makes them happy. I put the intoxicating feeling ‘everything is possible’ into my water landscapes – and give it out into the world with my paintings,” says the artist. The paintings of the “Water Flow” series let you feel the power of nature and its life energy. Be inspired by the paths that water takes. It always finds its way.

The works in the “Water Flow” series are diverse

In her works, Nina Groth gets to the bottom of the diversity of the subject of water. Her painted coastal landscapes are wide, wavy, windy. You can almost smell the sea air. In other artworks, water, land and horizon meet and merge. Bridges connect today and tomorrow and also stand for bridging and overcoming one’s own fears, obstacles or limitations, so that inner freedom can grow. Nina Groth contrasts natural rivers, lakes or oceans with what has been created by man: harbours, city skylines, city impressions. The opposites of nature and man-made combine to form an organic whole. Inspired by travels around the world. The works in the “Water Flow” series are an orchestra of life: nature and people, permanence and renewal, possibilities and opportunities. And you in the middle.

Artwork " Sky Bue and Sunset Red" by Nina Groth
Artwork "Water Currents No 2" by Nina Groth