Pure No 1

In the abstract cityscapes “Pure No 1” and “Pure No 2”, the inspiring facets of the Indian city of Jaipur, the so-called pink city, and the northern German cities of Hamburg and Lübeck merge into a fascinating interplay. Here, diversity becomes the essence of beauty. These paintings remind us of the importance of appreciating different inspirations and utilising them for our own creativity and life path – an ode to the harmonious coexistence of different influences. Nina Groth lived in India, grew up in Lübeck and now lives in Hamburg, so she has a personal connection to all three cities.

The artwork “Pure No 1” fits perfectly with the artwork “Pure No 2”.

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Year: 2023
Acrylic, bitumen, spray paint, levelling compounds with stone flours on canvas
Dimensions: 50×50 cm
Technique: Mixed Media
Price: €€€ (Gallery fee does not apply, plus shipping)