Lights On No 2

“Lights On” calls for people to make positive use of changes that tend to cause concern, such as the current energy crisis, and instead of letting fears about the future get the upper hand, to create radiant highlights and to break new ground. The message: Life shines in many facets. There is something new to discover. In this respect, Nina Groth creates abstract, luminous backgrounds with neon and partially noctilucent colours and puts silhouettes of well-known Hamburg landmarks on them. Here you can see a ferris wheel from the fair “Hamburger Dom” as a symbol of lightness and light-heartedness, the Hamburg tv tower and the buildings “Tanzende Türme” (dancing towers) on the Hamburg reeperbahn.

“Lights On No 2” is an excellent match for “Lights On No 1” (see photo below).

Discover here in the video how the works of the artist Nina Groth are created. For an English translation use the YouTube subtitles function. English subtitles are available.

International shipping and price information is available on request. On request with a certificate of authenticity.

Acrylic, spray paint, bitumen, bronze on canvas
50×50 cm
Mixed Media