This work represents the change that is possible and already inherent in all of us. It encourages you to imagine what you can achieve. You can transform whenever you want. Your personality is not fixed. We can learn and change. Therein lies freedom. Geometric forms transcend formal boundaries and dissolve into the figurative. But the ship also undergoes a change in the dry dock. The content that arrives in the containers at the port transforms and becomes part of a new whole, only to eventually transform again. A perpetual cycle of which we are part and which offers many opportunities for you.

Discover here in the video how the works of the artist Nina Groth are created. For an English translation use the YouTube subtitles function. English subtitles are available.

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Year: 2023
Acrylic, bitumen, spray paint on canvas
Dimensions: 120×80 cm
Technique: Mixed Media, predominantly spatula technique
Price: €€€€ (Gallery fee does not apply, plus shipping)