Small Big Thing

Some things, when viewed from a distance, appear quite small. Have you ever experienced that? The majestic ship seems enormous in the container terminal when it’s being loaded. The painting “Small Big Thing” invites us to recognize the relativity of things – like a ship that may seem large but is ultimately just a small part in the vast ocean. Flexibility, composure, and confidence are the keys to navigate in an ever-changing environment. This artwork aims to empower you in this regard, helping you stay on course.

This painting pairs exceptionally well with the artwork “That’s the Way” shown below.

Discover here in the video how the works of the artist Nina Groth are created. For an English translation use the YouTube subtitles function. English subtitles are available.

Price information and international shipping is available on request. This work comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Year: 2023
Acrylic, bitumen, spray paint on canvas
Dimensions: 50×50 cm
Technique: Mixed Media
Price: €€€ (Gallery fee does not apply, plus shipping)