Above the Line

Do you have a dream, a goal? You are highly motivated, you have made a decision, but then come the doubters, the courage robbers and finally the doubts. “Stay on the line,” they say. But you want to move across the line. You wonder if it will really be possible to follow your path.

This work of art stands for the fact that the light of your own path shines brightly, that the realization of your goal will make your life radiant – more alive and fulfilled. Even if it’s not the direct way, it’s worth sticking with it. Much like a ship in dry dock, you may need to tweak, try, and revise here and there. But only you can know what is right for you. This work stands for the seemingly impossible that becomes possible.

Discover here in the video how the works of the artist Nina Groth are created. For an English translation use the YouTube subtitles function. English subtitles are available.

Price information and international shipping is available on request. This work comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Year: 2023
Acrylic, bitumen, spray paint on canvas
Dimensions: 120×80 cm
Technique: Mixed Media, predominantly spatula technique
Price: €€€€ (Gallery fee does not apply, plus shipping)